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Plantler Forager Plus

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A cool season mix of high quality clover, forage brassica and chicory. Forager Plus is designed to be planted with up to 50lbs of your preferred, cool season, cereal grain (wheat, oats or triticale) to plant 1 acre. Food plots with only cereal grains lack the important nutritional value and attraction, which Forager Plus offers. The clover, brassica and chicory plants are cold tolerant, top performers in northern & southern US states. The hardy clover and chicory in this mix are highly attractive to whitetails in the fall and the palatable foliage produces high protein forage well into the early summer months. Deer will forage on the radish leaves as soon as they emerge and the turnip leaves after hard freeze for a full season of high attraction. All of the brassica plants are large bulb producers. The high protein bulbs emerge in the late winter when deer will consume them.

  • HIGH ATTRACTION & NUTRITION: Superior clover, large bulb brassicas & leafy chicory mix
  • TOP PERFORMING COLD TOLERANCE: Plant food that will be available when deer need it the most–in the fall/winter
  • PALATABLE FORAGE: Produces high protein forage
  • FULL SEASON FOOD: Deer will forage on the radish leaves as they emerge & switch to the turnip leaves after a hard freeze giving you a quality food source all season. Clover & chicory can last deep into the summer with proper maintenance
  • PRO-TIP: Plant with 4S Harvest Advantage to provide an array of quality food sources in one location

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