Barrett .50 Bmg Ammo 10 Rounds 661 Grain M33 Ball Fmj

Item/Style# 816715015730 - 14671

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Barrett .50 BMG Will Make Large Holes in Your Target and Not in Your Wallet Barrett firearms know for developing iconic firearms is also known for developing high quality cartridges as well. This particular cartridge is designed for any of your favorite gun chambered in .50 BMG, the ultimate big bore cartridge. The 660/661 Grain M33 ball projectile is a mild steel core with no painted tip. The full metal jacket protects the projectile. Muzzle velocity is typically measured from a Browning M2 and comes out at a screaming 2,910 fps. This load is produces with new brass cases which may have a CBC/Barret headstamp. It is new production ammo with non corrosive powder and primers. Get some of the ammo before it's all gone. Barrett Factory Ammunition Specifications and Features: Barrett 14671 .50 BMG 661 Grain Full Metal Jacket (M33 Ball) Brass Cased Non-Corrosive Powder/Primers New Brass Cases CBC/Barrett Headstamp Muzzle Velocity 2,910fps No Test Barrel Length Provided (Typically Measured From Browning M2 which is 45") Uses: Target Shooting, Training, and Plinking 10 Rounds

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