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Ice Eater : P1000

Item/Style# 652443000170 - P1000/050

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The Ice Eater, the original De-Icer, is the leader in quality, durability, and performance. It is designed to prevent ice from forming around boats, marinas, docks, and piers as well as effectively melting existing ice by breaking the surface with a continuous current of warmer bottom water. How it Works The Ice Eater’s propeller draws up warmer subsurface water and deflects it to the surface creating a constant circulation of warmer water that prevents ice formation and melts existing ice. The design of the Ice Eater’s venturi shroud (white housing) with outwardly flared ends, provides more upward thrust & draws warmer water from greater depths than other conventional de-icers. Why Buy the Original De-Icer? Ice Eater is shipped complete with suspension lines and shackles. Therefore, it can be taken out of the box, hung from a boat, dock, or pier and plugged in. Unlike other de-icing units, Ice Eater requires no additional hardware to obtain the desired de-icing pattern. Just move a shackle from one hole to another hole on the top rim, and you can quickly change the angle the Ice Eater is suspended at. The average operating depth of the Ice Eater is between two and three feet, but for best performance, ensure there is at least one foot between the Ice Eater and the seabed. Custom Designed and Engineered for maximum efficiency and performance in all climates. Agitates more fresh-water & salt-water than any other de-icer on the market. Patented heavy duty PVC Venturi Housing designed for superior water flow and protection of the motor and propeller Bronze End-bell ensures a long life without cracking or warping. Quick Disconnect Power Cord allows for easy replacement. Environmentally Friendly Dielectric Lubricating Fluid is non-toxic and biodegradable. 3-Year Warranty – Best Warranty in the Industry MODEL P1000 SPECIFICATIONS: Horse Power: 1.0 Hertz: 50/60 Running Amps: 7.0 Amps (115V) / 3.5 Amps (230V) Open Diameter: 80? (Open Diameter based on normal winter conditions) Pounds of Thrust: 36 Gallons per Minute: 1400 Revolutions per Minute: 1650

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