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Ice Eater P750/25 -.75 Horse Power 115v 25 Feet Power Cord

Item/Style# 652443000101 - P750/025

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5 READY DE-ICING PATTERNS: Ice Eater come standard with placement for five (5) de-icing patterns. Our deicer works like magic, agitating more fresh and saltwater than any other deicer on the market. PREVENTS ICE FORMATION: Protect your assets before the ice sets! Ice Eaters bring warm water to the surface and constantly keep everything moving. These two activities prevent ice from forming around your boats, ponds, lakes, and marinas. Ice already formed around your dock? No problem! Let the Ice Eater get to work and let your worries melt away. SUPERIOR PROTECTION: Ice Eater, pond deicer, uses a patented PVC Venturi design for superior water flow, plus the shrouding helps protect propeller & motor. By relying on Ice Eaters, you are ensuring your hard-earned aquatic investments remain accessible and safe before, during, and after heavy winter freezes. Specify the BEST, Specify ICE EATER! LONG-LASTING AND ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY: Our deicer is equipped with a bronze end-bell, ensuring a long life without warping or cracking in extreme temperatures. Our pond deicer uses an environmentally-friendly dielectric lubricating fluid, which is non-toxic ad biodegradable, keeping all aquatic life safe. DURABLE & RELIABLE EQUIPMENT: Ice Eaters come with quick-disconnect power cords and mooring lines, so you are ready to go right out of the box. All units are Salt and Freshwater compatible. Four different horsepowers are available to suit your needs: our 3/4 HP deicer, for example, moves 1275 gallons of water per minute, runs on only 6 Amps, and effectively de-ices an 60-foot diameter.

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