Charles Daly, 301, Pump Action Shotgun, 12 Gauge, 3.5 " Chamber, 26 " Barrel, Matte Finish, Mossy Oak Country Dna, 5 Rounds, Included Red Dot

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Introducing the Charles Daly 301 Pump Action Shotgun, a formidable blend of rugged reliability and stealthy concealment, now available in Mossy Oak Country DNA camo. Designed for hunters who demand superior performance and optimal concealment in the field, this shotgun is a true game-changer. At the heart of the Charles Daly 301 lies its robust pump action mechanism, engineered for smooth and reliable cycling of cartridges in even the harshest conditions. Whether you're chasing waterfowl in the marshes or stalking turkey in the woods, this shotgun delivers lightning-fast follow-up shots with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring you never miss a moment. The Mossy Oak Country DNA camo finish elevates the Charles Daly 301 to the next level of stealth and concealment. Designed with advanced digital technology, this camo pattern blends seamlessly into a variety of natural environments, providing unmatched cover and allowing you to get closer to your prey undetected. Built for durability and performance, the Charles Daly 301 features a rugged synthetic stock and forend that can withstand the rigors of rough handling and adverse weather conditions. Its lightweight design and ergonomic contours ensure a comfortable and secure grip, allowing for extended periods of hunting without fatigue. Whether you're a seasoned hunter or a novice shooter, the Charles Daly 301 Pump Action Shotgun offers unmatched versatility and reliability in the field. With its sleek design, advanced camo finish, and rock-solid performance, this shotgun is sure to become your trusted companion on every hunting adventure. Experience the difference with the Charles Daly 301 and take your hunting game to the next level.

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