Beretta 687 Silver Pigeon V Sporting 12ga 30 " Bbl Wood/Blued Obsp- Hp Over/Under Shotgun

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Beretta?s 687 Silver Pigeon V is the result of 30 years of continuous shotgun development, offering a beautiful example of efficiency, reliability, and minimal maintenance. Ideal for trap shooters and hunters alike, the 687 Silver Pigeon V?s barrels are made from Beretta?s exclusive tri-alloy ?Steelium? steel ? a material the guarantees smoother ballistics, reduces recoil and muzzle rise, and ensures a lifetime of reliable service. The 687 Silver Pigeon V is also the first of the Silver Pigeon line to offer the B-Fast adjustable comb, allowing the shooter to customize comb height for proper head placement. Like all of Beretta?s under/over shotguns, the 687 Silver Pigeon V is optimized for balance and tracking moving targets. In addition to being a well-made, high-performance shotgun, the 687 Silver Pigeon V offers a level of elegance not found on shotguns of a lesser quality. The most notable example of this is the fine engravings on the receiver made by state-of-the-art 5-axis laser technology. These engravings are embellished by a special ?sparkle in the bas-relief areas?, resulting in a highly aesthetic contrast effect which emphasizes the deep scroll motifs on the receiver, opening lever, trigger guard, locking shoulders, pins, and forend release. The visual appeal of the 687 Silver Pigeon V is further enriched by the class-3 wood stock and forend, which are treated with an exquisite glossy finish. Not only does the gloss finish exhibit the grain of the wood, it also provides protection from rain and humidity.

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